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Dirty Dalerz 2009 Softball Preview

Tuesday, 28 Apr 2009- Written by

DirtyDalerz Softball is Back in season! The 2008 campaign was quite an impressive one for the organization, capturing there first (definitely not last) Wesco Sports LTD. Softball Championship. We would like to thank all the fans and supporters who came out this year. Not only did they win but they absolutely steam rolled there competition in the playoffs just firing off on all cylinders.

However, with that seasons amazing ending there is however a sour note in the off season, and that note is the departure of Adam Kruger from the team. Adam decided he was going to hang up his cleats and retire his jersey. (His Terrell Owens, Philadelphia Eagles Jersey will be sent to the Softball Hall of Hero’s). Adam was a great player in our organization for many years, starting up from the minors at third and subbing in as a relief pitcher and then made the official move to pitcher last year as pops retired before the ’08 season. Adam led the team in K’s and was a major factor for our success last season with his great pitching exploits. Adam also led the DirtyDalerz in motorcycle crashes in his tenure with the team averaging about 2 bike crashes a year. Adam you will be missed.

Another big change to the team comes on the managerial side of the team were John Cinelli has decided to step down as General Manager due to fatherhood. However, John hands the reigns over to a longtime Daler Tommy Cinelli. John went on to say, “Tommy has a real connection with the players and the fans simply love the guy, in my opinion it was a no brain’er to endorse him to keep this team at its dominant level.” However, in a rare move Tommy Cinelli requested that John stay on as his Assistant Manager and Bench Coach and John agreed without hesitation. This move reminds other of all the years Don Zimmer managed until he decided to be bench coach next to Joe Torre. With all that over and done with lets get on to the player Bio’s for this upcoming 2009 season.

Dennis Treubig (2B)- Dennis is the motor that ignites this team on the defensive side. Dennis is electrifying with his uncanny range and never ending energy, he is the lead off batter for the team and is as close to a guarantee that there is to get on every time. Dennis has a pension for great base running and can be a one-man scoring machine at times. Dennis electrifies the crowd every game with his leaps and dives to stop the ball. Dennis also doubles as the team’s athletic trainer.

Tommy Cinelli (SS)- You know this guy will perform year in and year out. After battling through health issues (diabetes) this player has refined his body and tuned it to have his best season with the Dalerz. Tommy led the team in RBI’s last year and was an intricate part of the team’s success. Tommy also led the team in AVG. Tommy however is equally as impressive at the Shortstop position with his flashy back hand stabs and arm strength. Battling through arm issues will be a big step this year. We expect yet another magnificent season from the new GENERAL MANAGER.

Kenny Kruger (OF)- Kenny came in last season fully healthy for the first time. Kenny managed to lead the team in HR’s. Kenny is a tremendous bat in the lineup and is as clutch as they come. His outfield play is solid and shores up any questions to that back line. The organization is really high on what this guy can do for them.

John Cinelli (1B)- John is the “powerhouse” on this potent lineup. John on any at bat can take the ball and tear the cover off of it. He has great contact ability as well and can drive runs in at reckless abandon. Johnny also has a very stout mitt at first and rarely lets a ball beat him down in the dirt. John is the emotional leader on this team.

Rob Frank (OF)- Crank had a very impressive Rookie season last year, and only get better and better as the season progressed. Rob at times showed extreme power to the gaps and has great home run potential. Rob emerged as one of the best outfielders on the DirtyDalerz roster and expectations are only getting bigger and bigger on this guy. The organization expects great things from him for years to come.

Brian Harris (3B)- B.Harris was very impressive last year at the hot corner and is so solid . You really don’t give him enough credit playing that position, the balls come at you so fast and he does a great job corralling in some pretty mean shots. Brian also gets it done on the offensive side with a smooth stroke to all fields.

Chris “Nacho” Caraballo (OF)- Nacho is a very consistent hitter in the lineup and seems to always keep the ball in play. His smooth strokes to the outfield and fast legs make for a very high OBP. Nacho is a good outfielder who should keep on being consistent all season long.

Glenn Cinelli (C/OF)- The youngest player on the roster but plays well beyond his age. Glenn has one of, if not the strongest arm on the team, An absolute HOSE. After putting his rookie season in the books and taking some lumps early on. The organization expects him to come into his own on the offensive side! Glenn is simply a pure athletic specimen and will be great this season.

Charlie Spahr (OF)- Charlie is so consistent with his hitting and is year in and year out one of the most consistent offensive threats for the DirtyDalerz. Charlie hits to all fields and gets on base. Flat out he is a producer. He primarily plays in the outfield and is solid but when Brian Harris shows up wasted to games Charlie steps in and doesn’t miss a beat at third base.

Chris Harris (P/OF)- C.Harris will be called upon to step in and take the hill for the DirtyDalerz. After showing some skill with the pill he will get the full time duties due to the departure of Adam. However, the club is fully endorsing Harris as the pitcher and Harris can get it done on the offensive side of the ball and is a great clutch hitter and drives in runs.

Brian “BC” Cinelli (OF)- BC is the most solid outfielder out of any on the roster. He has great range and a laser rocket arm. However, injuries seem to plague BC but Brian is an Iron Man and is always there for the team. BC gets it done offensively and gives a great option for a 2nd lead off hitter. With great speed Brian constantly leads the team in Runs. If Brian can put it together for a full season the stat line on him could be eye popping. Another emotional leader of the Dalerz we call him “General Custard,” because of his high intensity and will to win.

Rob Getch (3B/OF/Util.)- Robby is the new addition to this year’s roster . Rob is expected to come in and give another middle of the lineup threat on the offense. Robby will be used primarily in the outfield rotation but will be called upon as a utility player. Coming into his rookie season he is expected to bring some excitement to this team and the team is very happy to have him. The sky is the limit for this kid!

Overall, we as a team are very excited for this season and expect to repeat on the magic of last season. Please come down and support us if you can, and keep track of the player/team stats all year long in the softball section of

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It’$ Great to be Athlete$

Thursday, 8 Jan 2009- Written by

The rising salary of professional athletes has been viewed as a serious crisis of the major spectator sports in America. Although players’ salaries are on the rise, so are the revenues generated through greater sponsorship deals and sales of television rights. Although sponsorships are on the downfall with many revoking their sponsorship agreements with several big name stars foe example, Buick with Tiger Woods. Who are we to say that the Yankees have overpaid their players? The team is running a billion dollar business. It strives hard to win the title and entertain the fans by retaining the best ball players in the world. Aren’t maximizing the wins and profits legitimate goals of every franchise or should be? If a baseball fan has an extra $25 to spend on a baseball ticket, wouldn’t he/she rather go to a Yankee game seeing super stars instead of the Pirates or Orioles game? The Yankees could possibly generate 377 million extra dollars per year.

baseball moneyBased on the above analysis, do you still think that players are asking too much? Fans and scholars may complain about how much athletes make. But in fact the owners are the ones who give Sabathia 160 million or Arod 275 million! The only time I hear anything is when a new stadium is involved and we have to shell out money of the taxpayer to build these stadiums and the enmities around it. However the Yankees are building the whole stadium themselves and are only asking for money from the state for the building surrounding the stadium to make a better stadium for you the fan who is complaining like a baby! A comedian once made a joke. As a Yankee fan I don’t really care what owners spend on players as long as the best players to win a championship are on my team. Doesn’t always help to have superstars stake on a team with all the big salaries. Hence the 2008 Yankees! Most of the competitive advantage from the small markets and big markets giving these athletes money is big. However, big market teams who spend more money have to pay luxury tax which is disbursed to low level teams to keep a level playing field. Also these low level teams don’t have to take the money given to them in luxury tax to pay for players. Most of them use it in other ways. I believe they should have a rule to make them spend it on players and nothing else so we can see the Royals in the World Series, or the Panthers in the Stanley Cup. Like to hear some responses so make sure you comment below in the comments section.

So my questions to you is:

Are you sick of these mega million dollar athlete salaries?

And Are they good for the Sport?

Is it fair that all these big market teams can spend more money bc they have it?

Top Ten Athlete earning in 2007 (b/c 2008 just finished)
1. Tiger Woods – $112 Mil
2. Oscar DeLa Hoya – $55 Mil
3. Phil Mickelson – $ 51 Mil
4. SHAQ – $35 Mil
5. Kobe Bryant – $34 Mil
6. Lebron James – $31 Mil
7. Kevin Garnett – $29 Mil
8. Derek Jeter – $29 Mil
9. Alex Rodriguez – $28 Mil
10. Dale Earnhardt Jr. – $27 Mil

*Most of the top ten is Basketball with 4 players in it. Basketball has the most lucrative salaries.

Next week topic- Shit stories!

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Yankees Being Yankees

Friday, 2 Jan 2009- Written by

Yankees not wanting not to participate in the MLB playoffs went out and made a huge statement this offseason. To the tune of, $423 million invested in a trio of ballplayers. Safe to say, the Yankees were not scared off by the $27 million luxury-tax bill for 2008 which the Yankees are the only team that can do so because of the extreme revenue they pull in between the their own tv network, new ballpark and ticket prices.

First, the Yankee brass, ready to flex their financial muscle, the Yankees got their man they have all along wanted by getting CC Sabathia to be their No. 1 starter, something the yanks haven’t had in a while, by adding the top starter on the open market. They got him for a robust 7yrs/ 161 million dollars. Over paid perhaps but its what the doctored ordered.

Grade= A- (just because nobody should make that kind of money)

A.J. Burnett would be up next and it was kind of a domino effect after CC was signed, that the Yankees would sign a few more. Burnett was the first pitcher to use his opt-out clause to the tune of five years and $82.5 million given to him by the Yankees. He would now fit in as the number 2 starter after CC. Only thing that worries me is his injuries. He has had one full season in the bigs and that came in his contract year last year with the Blue Jays. What a time to have your best year. $$$$$.

Grade= B- (too injury prone)

Now all New York’s general manager had to do is explain to Mark Teixeira that if he was looking for a legacy and a monument that he had room at the bag for him and maybe over the center field fence with Ruth and Donny Baseball after he finishes his careear. The money spoke loudly though to a tune of 8yrs/ 180 million dollars and Tex came a running also influencing him was that he was born on the east coast and so is his wife. This brings a great bat to hit behind AROD but more importantly it brings us a superior gold glove defender something we haven’t had their in years.

Grade= A+

It’s a $423 million investment in a trio of ballplayers. Is it crazy? YES. But , if you’re a Yankee fan u love it because it makes your team better and keeps another name out of the red sox clubhouse. Does it gurrantee us playoffs? No. With the AL East how it is the Rays and Red Sox are good. This will gives us more firepower when we go up against them. I do see playoffs this year though.

Needs Remaining: CF…..Bullpen

Next post: Player salaries in sports!! Unethical!

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New Skip, New Season!!!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008- Written by

As the spring is approaching there were many doubts that the Dalerz would be fielding a team. Many gambling issues have plagued our superstars from Farmingdale. Many of them accruing debts!!!! But as all hopes had faded on the DirtyDalerz fielding a team for the 5th season, three of which have ended with playoff runs, a light shined toward 12 Taylor road. As John Cinelli emerged from his room at 3 o’clock in the afternoon after a hibernation of sorts, he made it his quest to bring the DirtyDalerz to prominence!!!!

He embarked on his journey to the Jew land of Bruce at WESCO to register the DirtyDalerz. So now since Bruce told him the only way we would get a spot is that John would have to sleep with his Mother who works in the back of the sweatshop he calls a store, John looked down at the floor and said a prayer before he went behind the curtains to secure us a spot in Wesco. John was in utter disgust at the things that sweet old lady made him do, however he did go on to say “Don’t let her old age fool you the old broad has some fight left in her.” Simply and utterly GROSS! But John took the bullet for the team and got the DirtyDalerz registered for the 2008 Season

Finally, the roster for this years team is totally askew from what it was seasons past…A few additions as well as a few subtractions went on. Parting ways with the team are: Walter Celenski, Tommy Hind, Danny Hilton, Bobby Horan and POPS. Agreements could not be reached on these five players contracts as well as one of them being sent into police protection because he has fallen off the face of the earth and doesn’t return other peoples calls. Gentelmen this is your offical DirtyDalerz goodbye! However with every gloomy day there is a ray of sunshine. Those rays of Light come in the form of: Kenny Kruger, Brian Harris, Chris Harris, Pat Frizell, Ryan Heller and Rob Crank. An excerpt from the Newsday newspaper of Long Island goes on to say, “With the additions of these six players the Dalerz may have just solidified themselves as a more potent force to be reckoned with in the Wesco League.” As we had hoped in these off season acquisitions which the team has high hopes for.

Now its time for the player profile portion of this post which has been given before every single DirtyDalerz season:

Dennis Treubig: Amazing middle infielder who resides at second base for the Dalerz and is simply a specimen to watch as he seems to have a motor that never ceases. He is also a solid hitter and an even better base runner. Dennis is also coming off an offseason shoulder surgery that we can only pray turns his arm into that of Henry Rowingardners.

Chris “Nacho” Caraballo: Part of the Outfield with a solid arm and a great understanding of certain fielding situations. Nacho also adds great base running ability and aspires to lead the team in runs this year. Nacho had very solid hitting numbers last year hitting an impressive .557 and hopes to transfer that to this year as well.

Tommy Cinelli: Part of the Deadly Duo of the middle infield he plays Shortstop for the Dalerz. Tommy even tho he doesn’t look it has great range and has a knack for turning double plays. Tommy is a hit machine as he led the Dalerz last year with the most Hits (52) and even the most doubles (19) and he is always productive in the lineup and is also league leader in starting fights with other teams (5). We know what to expect from him and its PRODUCTION!

Charlie Spahr: A member of the Outfield Charlie is as solid as they come and rarely drops balls hit to him. He also is one of the more solid hitters on the Dalerz squad and led the team with singles (31) and simply gets on base to bring in runs. Charlie also has collected more Marlboro Miles than any other player in the Wesco League. Charlie will get on base and will bring in runs.

Brian Cinelli: The most solid Outfielder the Dalerz have with a hose for an arm and deceptively good speed he can get to balls that would normally drop in for hits. Brian bats at the bottom of the lineup not because he is the worst hitter but because we expect him to ignite the start of the lineup with his slap hitting style and speed.

Adam Kruger: Will be pitching full time this year if “Pops” cannot reach a deal before the season. Adam is a very solid pitcher and after pitching behind the legend for a couple of seasons he looks ready to take over duties full time. Adam is a solid hitter in the lineup and is always poised to hit for power as well as crash his motorcycle at least once this season. Adam please wear your helmet.

John Cinelli: Plays First base for the Dalerz and shows great ability to pick balls that shouldnt be caught. John is the Power of this Dalerz team by leading the team in homeruns (12) and also brings in runs by leading in rbi’s (53). John has been hitting up the Nautilus machine all year long and conspires to surpass the home run record this year held previously at (14).

These men that have been “profiled” are the returners from last years team… With Bojo in contract negotiations still so its a look to the future with Kenny, Brian, Chris, Pat, Ryan and Rob these 6 guys could finally give the Dalerz the official lift it needs to win that elusive League Championship….

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It’s that “TIME” of year!!!

Tuesday, 18 Apr 2006- Written by


Can you smell the sweet blades of grass and imagine Bruce with his huge glasses on the mound and sweetchuck in leftfield. If you do that means DirtyDalerz Softball is on the horizon and this year is setting up to be a very promising year for the softball team. We have some key additions to this years rosters that should set us up well to contend for the championship.

New expectations are set high this year for the DirtyDalerz as we try to improve on a great record last year of 25-8 and a win percentage of .757%. In the winter we looked out to improve a team so we would be able to go into this year even stronger and better than the last. First the subtractions who we want to give a huge THANK YOU to is Jay Dupont, Ryan, and Jay Beriloff for showing up and playing last year and making it a great season for all of us. Side note they left on their own discretions.

Next, the additions to the 2006 DirtyDalerz softball team. First, Dennis Truebig who I once played with in High school Baseball and has a knowledge for the game thats uncanny. His big bat and great feilding will be a main stay in the DirtyDalerz lineup. He will fill in everywhere we need him because hes that versitle. Second, the crasy polish assassin Walter Celinski who filled in last year in some games and performed leaps and bounds over what many expected knowing he never really played the game before. His speed and bat will provide some protection to our already solid 3,4,5,6 hitters. Finally Tom Hind rounds out the additions for the DirtyDalerz. Tom also filled in last year and has solidified a spot on this stellar team. Tom provides a very solid player who hits adn fields with the best of them. He will spell some time for JStud at first and also at catcher and the outfield.

Now for the Dalerz who have come back again this year after Manager Romano renewed their contracts for the 2006 season. First in the outfield where it improved leaps and bounds over the first year massacre that was called an outfield. The outfield was outstanding this year with most of it roamed by BC, Nacho, Charlie, and Anthony. Each one doing their own thing to help the ball club. BC in my mind was the most improved player on our team from year one, he went up in every hitting category. He batted .517 which was good for fourth on the team with 45 hits, 7 doubles, 5 triples, 3 homers which was good for second and 28 RBIs. We had him on an off season diet to get him more speed for the oufielder but something went wrong when he lost half himself which was too much wieght but is looking to improve and and have another stellar season. Next, Nacho who renewed his green card once again to play for the Dalerz and now resides in 3 different homes will be out speed in the outfield. He had numerous web gems in the outfield which he patroled very gracefully. Nacho was tied for second on the team in hits with 47 and led the team in runs last year (53) along with at-bats(106). He will be looked to get on base once agin for the dirtydalerz and will be a table setter for the big-boopers. Next, Charlie Spahr who was picked up again this year by Romano after joining the MTA police academy. Charlie will be once again the ring leader out in the outfield for the Dalerz. Again he proved why hes one of the best fielding outfielders in our league with a strong arm and a good presence out there. He batted .488 on the year with 28 RBIs and really came on down the stretch as a clutch hitter for the Dalerz. He will be looked upon to improve the hitting stats which will put him over the top as one of the best OFs in our league. Finally, rounding out the Outfield is Anthony who had numerous Outfield assists for us last year. Known for his cannon of an arm he will look to improve on his hitting stats and once again be a strong mainstay in the lineup as well as the veteran in the outfield. Anthony batted .373 last year with 4 doubles, 2 triples, one HR and 12 RBIs for the Dalerz.

The Infield can be described as one of the best infields in our conference if not WESCO league with our fielding, hitiing, and pitching at a premium every game in and out. It included Adam, Tommy C, Bojo, John and POPS. Combined they had a average of .553 with 172 runs scored, 59 doubles, 21 triples, 14 HRs and 186 RBIs. These numbers are mind boggling and only looked on the be suceeded this year with each player getting stronger in their own rights. First, Adam who was a newcomer on the squad in 2005 didint dissapoint hitting 2 homers in the first game with the Dalerz last season and finished the season batting .586 which was second on the team, with 10 doubles, 2 triples, and 3 homers along with 38 RBIs which was also good for second on the team. He will still be a mainstay at the 5 hole for the Dalerz along with his good arm at third. Injuries slowed him down last season toward the end and now has traded in his motorcycle for a Hotwheels which coach Romano put into his contract as a clause. Next at second was the manager and the architect of putting this powerhouse team on the field. His hard work and dedication to the Farmingdale communinty to put out a quality club is appreciated. Along with putting the club together he also had a breakout season for the Dalerz after having a rough first season with them he came on the next season hitting 556. Which was good for third on the team, with 14 doubles (2nd on team), 6 triples(2nd on team), 3 homers(2nd on team) and 33 rbis(4th on team). He was hampered with a nagging knee injury down the stretch of the season and has rehabbed through the police academy and looks stronger then ever. He will be combined with Tommy C to complete a great up the middle combo who can turn the double play with the best of them. After a long Contract dispute that put J STud on the brink of retirement of the DIrty Dalerz, JStud and coach Romano came to an agreemnet on a new contract on the softball slash football player which included bonuses and a Commercial with SUBWAY along side Joe Torre and Willie Randolph which has not aired yet. J Stud is an anchor at first base with the patent cutoff sleeve shirt and underarmour underneath to go along with his gray and green nike shorts, he has been a force to be reconed with at first. J Stud batted 505.(5th on team) with 47 hits (second on team), 7 doubles, 3 triples, 2 homers and 34 RBIs (3rd on team). He has solidified the 3 hole position of the DirtyDalerz and is looked upon to have a strong and steady season. Next, which i think is the most important guy and player on our team is POPS our pitcher. The wiley veteran is the gem amongst gems as a pitcher and emotional leader along with being the tablesetter as our lead-off batter. As a pitcher he was an ACE in every sense of the word having an ERA below 7 and having multiple strikeouts on the season in slow-pitch softball is simply amazing. At the bat he wasnt bad either going .505 (tied for 5th) with 35 runs(3rd on team), 12 doubles(3rd on team), 3 triples(4th on team) and 21 RBIs. He was top 5 in almost every hitting category and will be looked upon to be our leader and stopper. Finally Tommy C had a year amongst years and has signed up for another year as the shortstop of the Dalerz. Along with his fat Chew he had in every game which grossed out the fans he hit 632.(1st on team) with 55 hits(1st on team), 45 runs(2nd on team), 16 doubles(1st on team), 7 triples(1st on team), 6 homers(1st on team) and a whopping 60 RBIs(1st on team). He led the Dalerz in almost every category and looks to do so this year also. He does however have to improve alittle on the defense where he had some games filled with errors and looks to improve on that end. He looks to take the Dalerz all the way this year!!!

We would also like to thank the fans for their overwhelming support last year and encourage it even stronger this year when we look to do even better.

That rounds out the DirtyDalerz Softball preview and the look at your 2006 Dalerz!!!! Tune in for a fun season which will be filled with fun and excitment for eveyone and by the season end we hope to have a trophy in the trophy case for the skip Romano.


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