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Brother Group Chat – Brian Nuts

Wednesday, 1 May 2013- Written by

The screenshot tells the story, I will not post the picture included in the group chat. I will though paint you a mental picture, the picture in the group chat is of myself in the mirror taking a ‘selfie’ dressed in a hoodie and pajama pants with the fly unbuttoned and my nuts are hanging out the fly.

Sticking up for myself here, please let it be noted it WAS cold where I took that picture so the nuts are not in there full saggy glory. That doesn’t stop my brothers from taking shots at me. Ah Well, as long as I got laughs then mission accomplished. We are all usually good sports about ball busting so it comes with the territory. Enjoy.


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My New Favorite Thing .. Vine

Thursday, 11 Apr 2013- Written by

Welp.. It was only a matter of time until someone came out with something like this.  The people over at have created a mobile device app called ‘Vine’ which you can find in any of the smartphone app stores.  The App basically lets you record a video clip with a maximum of 6 seconds and lets you publish it similar to instagram or twitter to share with everyone or just your vine friends.  The video does not have to be a consecutive 6 seconds you can shoot something different at different times to compile into one vine as long as it is only a maximum of 6 seconds.  Which is good, forces you to get to the point and be creative to get your point accross.  The video is then looped over and over again for everyone to see.

Of course all the comedians and funny people all over the internet have taken to this by storm to produce some really funny clip.  Musicians and DJ’s have also taken to Vine to create little clips or loops to music which have been nothing short of amazing.  Again, really forces you to be creative with the limited amount of time you have.  The end result is usually golden, I have come across a ton of clips that make me laugh so hard it hurts.  Here is an example below, just pure comedy and totally my type of humor.

If you would like to find me on Vine you can look me up by my username b_cinelli or my brother john at jcinelli71

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Best High School Hightlight Reels

Wednesday, 3 Apr 2013- Written by

Who hasn’t had some downtime and browsed youtube looking at football/baseball/basketball highlight reels? You can find thousands of videos of players who are just insanely talented doing amazing things? They are a dime a dozen. You can seriously spend days/weeks sorting through all the clips. THEN, you find some diamonds in the rough. In a world where to many people take themselves so seriously you get one or two guys who just want to give you a laugh and remind you not everyone gets top billing in the highlights and hot chicks at the end of the game .. someone needs to make out with the ugly cheerleaders too.

While reading over at I came accross their article “How to Make A Highlight Reel without any Highlights” , I have never laughed so hard in my life. I watched both these clips on the train going to work and people were staring at me while I am doubled over in pain crying laughing at these videos.

I love people who know not to take themselves too seriously all the time. Shows you not everyone is just full of themselves 24/7 like most superstar athletes today. The little guy may not score all the touchdowns or make the game winning tackle but he can make the girls laugh.

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Back Up … for Now

Thursday, 7 Feb 2013- Written by

Welp. It has definitely been a while since has been back up and running. Lot’s of things have been going on, more excuses then ever to not update anything here. I won’t have many updates coming down the pipe for a little bit but definitely expect more of the site to be put back online then ever before.

Archives will be up first thing. Then I will work on getting some of the social media back online. Last but not least I’ll try and get some of the pictures and such back online as well. I haven’t settled on a gallery system for the site yet, but do have the pictures all hosted in the cloud, so that should not be that hard.

Keep checking back weekly for more updates.

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Subway Politics

Wednesday, 16 Mar 2011- Written by

If you have ever taken the NYC subway you know you will always see interesting things. Whether it be crazy bums singing oldies songs, the man playing the electric keyboard horribly (2/3 platform 34th street stop), rats running around like they own the place and even funny things written in wierd places. I have been taking the train to downtown Manhattan for about 4-5 years now, and everyday is a new experience.

Posted all around the subway stations are Notices/Updates about train interruptions due to track work and such. I mean any given day I can literally pass 30 of these notices while taking the subway to and from work. Just so happens this very day I passed two notices that had something written on it, which isn’t uncommon people will write anything anywhere in the subways. This day was different because of the pure insanity written on the notice. Here is one of them:


Just in case you can’t read it clearly or your retarded it says “King Juan Carlos of Spain controls the Black Pope’s Drug Trade”. Yes, whoever wrote this retarded crap actually used punctuation which is not common on subway garble so they gain style points there. What the fuck is this person talking about though? I looked up ‘King Juan Carlos of Spain’ in google which basically gave me exactly what it said, that the King of Spain is Juan Carlos (the more you know!). Now WHO the fuck is the BLACK POPE and what the fuck is he doing with a DRUG TRADE? Trying to Decipher this message just makes my head hurt. I associate POPE with religion obviously but BLACK POPE, I never heard of one. Is that kind of like how there is a Black Santa? I don’t know but this garbage written on signs needs to make more sense if you want to get your point across.

Now onto the second literary genius subway note:


“The Jesuits are trying to control the food supply through the internationa fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in Rome”. Yes, yet another brain buster of a sentence. Since I was a grammar Nazi on the first note i’ll point out it was written correctly and use of big words are spot on but the writer is missing an ‘L’ in ‘international’, if your going to get all political on us at least spell the simple words right. Now trying to make sense of this or researching it honestly after the first statement I couldn’t give a shit and rather I’m just going to say whatever points this person tried to make clearly don’t come across.

If your going to make political proclamations on the subway signs here is a few tips; make it simple, make it short and to the point, and make it something other people give a shit about OTHER then yourself. If your going to spend the time doing that, fucking make it funny too because people love humor. Seeing this shit on the subways is laughable because someone actually cared enough to express there opinion on crap politics, instead of drawing a penis going into someones mouth or black spots over someones teeth to indicate missing teeth on movie posters or something. Now using a razor and cutting up posters and re-assembling them to make funny pictures like Poster Boy, now that is worthwhile.

In end, keep this bullshit out the subways unless your funny about it.

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